Mars Beach

A Mars Beach

The Dutch coast is not really like a Caribbean place, even though there are plenty of long sandy beaches. Unfortunately, some of the most famous do not shine for the view they offer. Scheveningen and Zandvoort, to mention two of them, are ruined by the close refineries and industrial sites. But if you travel to the top of the Netherlands, nearby Den Helder, the sight improves tremendously.

Of course, the often grey sky and the colourless seabed do not help the ocean as well in shining. Yet, being closer to the North can offer some spectacular shows, especially in the summertime, when the evenings are longer. I took the picture of this post in Callantsoog, right before a storm, when the last rays of the sun could still find a way through the heavy clouds. The sand was a bit wet because of some previous rain; I felt like walking on alien soil.

Maybe also because in this period the humankind is achieving remarkable progress in space exploration, I could not help thinking about Mars.