• A picture that I consider my business card
  • My first picture
  • The picture I am very fond of
  • A portrait
  • A urban landscape
  • A natural landscape
  • A still life
  • A picture that I consider my business card
  • My muse
  • My most recent picture
  • @Luigi Ghirri - My favourite picture of my favourite photographer

A Photo Interview

Surely you have heard that a picture is worth a thousand of words. I do think also that, if you need lot of words to explain a picture or a series, than something is not working.

When Artwort proposed me a photo-interview, where I was allowed to answer only with pictures, I found it very intriguing. If you click on the slideshow on top of this post, you will find my answers to the following questions:

    1. Your first picture
    2. The picture you are very fond of
    3. A portrait
    4. A urban landscape
    5. A natural landscape
    6. A still life
    7. The picture that you consider your business card
    8. Your muse, it can be anything  (in my case… the light in the darkness)
    9.  Your most recent picture
    10. Your favourite picture of your favourite photographer