Wind Turbine Blades

Blades and Landscape

A picture shows something most of the times, if not always, even when we push minimalism to its extreme. For instance, if we take a picture of a white paper or a room in total darkness, the photo will respectively show a white or black area, which is something anyhow.

Getting closer to the other extreme, a photo of a messy, dense, full of subjects image will show almost every detail, depending on what was in the frame and the technology of the camera we used (and any other device/material involved in the photographic process).

Usually the last case gives a hard time for the photographer: he needs to find an equilibrium, a compromise, a kind of order to obtain a compelling picture. But the details are also the power of Photography.

The image of this post is closer to minimalism rather than an ordered mess. It is a landscape made by blades, and I should not say anything more: are you confused? I hope you are not. The title of the post should help you in recognizing what the main subjects are really. And the small black circle, right on the bottom of one of the grey hill, should make you even more curious and aware. Unfortunately, this symbol will be not familiar to most of you unless you are familiar with wind energy (as I am), and that is the detail!

The moon in a late afternoon sky, some wind turbine blades laid down on an industrial square, an urban and pleasant landscape, an image close to pictorialism, to a graphic or a painting. But the natural colours and the details keep it as a photograph: I am safe from the temptation of considering myself or, worse, being considered as a painter. The power of the camera in recording very well a part of reality helps me to see the world outside, and stimulate knowledge and awareness of the world inside me.