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  • The Kite and the Sea Monster

    The Kite and the Sea Monster

    I recognized myself when I saw a man playing like a child with a kite, on the northern Dutch beach. Everybody feels powerful and lighthearted in keeping control of a flying object in the wind, which has a colourful long tail. Of course, I noticed also the other members of this image when I took…

  • The Window on the Outside

    The Window on the Outside

    I am fascinated by the windows because they offer a framed view, like the pictures. When I take photos, I often look for a natural or artificial frame to use as an extra boundary for what I choose to show in my images. Sometimes I am lucky enough to discover more than one frame and…

  • Wind Turbine Blades

    Blades and Landscape

    A picture shows something most of the times, if not always, even when we push minimalism to its extreme. For instance, if we take a picture of a white paper or a room in total darkness, the photo will respectively show a white or black area, which is something anyhow. Getting closer to the other…

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    • A picture that I consider my business card
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    • @Luigi Ghirri - My favourite picture of my favourite photographer

    A Photo Interview

    Surely you have heard that a picture is worth a thousand of words. I do think also that, if you need lot of words to explain a picture or a series, than something is not working. When Artwort proposed me a photo-interview, where I was allowed to answer only with pictures, I found it very…

  • The Man Who Looks at the Ground

    The Man Who Looks at the Ground

    It is so beautiful to stay on the beach until the evening. The crowd scattered, the silence is cuddled by the sound of the waves, the heat warms up, does not burn anymore. If then the clouds dance slowly a tango, without crying down their rainy tears on some human silhouettes, busy with chatting or…

  • Light Again

    Light Again

    It took a while, but finally here it is: a new design for my website, and a couple of new series uploaded. P.S.: the picture of this post is the one I used for my first post on my previous blog, a long long while ago, I believe in 2010…! I will recover some interesting…

  • Church Entrance

    Difficult Pictures

    A nice, simple and direct image can often make the shot, assuring that wide approval so beloved and needed by our ego. But being too early satisfied makes us lazy. Therefore I force myself sometimes to look for, take and show what I call “difficult” pictures. I mean images that might look uninteresting at first…