Church Entrance

Difficult Pictures

A nice, simple and direct image can often make the shot, assuring that wide approval so beloved and needed by our ego. But being too early satisfied makes us lazy.

Therefore I force myself sometimes to look for, take and show what I call “difficult” pictures. I mean images that might look uninteresting at first glance, because they are not enough direct to grab the curiosity of a fast eye surfing on the internet, rather than slowly enjoying a print or a book page. But with a little more patience and attention, you might discover new details in them, that will reward you with both an esthetical and intellectual pleasure.

The above picture falls into this category. It shows a street, with some pleasant play of lights, shadows and shapes, enhanced by the black and white: is that enough to be interesting? Let’s have a better look.

There is a sign on the right, which reads: “Church Entrance”. No other clue or evidence of a Church are present. The rebus becomes even more complicated and mysterious due to the three young ladies walking on the platform, not far from the sign. They have nothing to do with the religious world. It is finally a complete and magic mess.

The picture now becomes a bridge between the rational and the emotional sides of our mind: we can cross it many times and in both directions.